Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I wake up late..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Day 2 - 


I heard a rumbling noisy sounds but still I felt idle. My mind still dreaming, my body still needs to lie down on bed, my eyes can’t open wide. I stretched my arm. I’ve seen, It’s was my alarm clock made that noise. I grab it and smashed the snoozed button and tossed away on the floor, it was 4:30am. I'm back to sleep, my eyes went closed. Then, Suddenly I heard another noise and its getting louder and louder and its coming back closer to my ears. again, it was my alarm clock causing that irritating sounds. I woke up, I watched the time it was 5:40am. I am not aware that I’ve been asleep for an a hour. I shut it off. Thought, that I’ve got a lesser time to get myself ready..

I grab my toothbrush, towel, soap, shampoo, mouthwash, and i am on rushed. Then, In the bath room, I open the valve to let the cold water subsides, a minute later, the water was warm and I am ready to have my bath, the first dropped of the water It felts refreshing, I've got a excellent feelings if the hot water touched my head down to my face slowly moved to my body, coool. I think I would love to stay there for a while. but I moved quickly and ended my bath right away. Cause I know I might be late.

5:55am, I wear my usual company uniform, neatly and I took my stuff, Wallet, ID, Fossil Silver Watch, Blue Ray Spyder Sunglass, Small black dockers shoulder bag and Keys. then I wear my shoes nicely. But I am not ready yet. There’s a lot of things to be done before I leave.

5:57am, I faced to the window, I kneel down in front of my bed. Then, I speak softly with my daily prayer asking for my guidance, specially for my baby Marivic and to our plans. I am also praying that everything will work smoothly and nicely. it’s my daily habit that I should not forget about. It helps me a lot. I feel armed.

6:00am, I sat back on my laptop. I look intently at her while she was sleeping. I typed a few words to let her know I love her so much and not to disturbed her sleep. suddenly, she woke up and she’s calling me.. I accepted the voice call she made. then, I heard her sweet voice echoed. it’s quite romantic and loving, I always felt this way when i am chatting to her. Starting to live the day with inspiration and I don’t want to stop having lovely conversation with her. It’s sounds great and wonderful……….

I paused!…stop right there!…hang on for a second!.. I forgot something. O Ma God! I’m late…

Then, I said, “I chat to you later, See you later.. bye for now. I love you so much, take care, I will miss you”. and I shut down my laptop by forced. I stand on my feet and start to shut off the A/C and all the power switches. Then I tried to remember things that I might forgot before I leave so there’s nothing could go wrong.

6:15am, I'm rushing down quickly, I’m not usually using the elevator if I’m in hurry, it will slow me down, so I used stairs. I walked fast heading towards our meeting place which is the parking lot, I’ve seen them waiting there but I am not the last man has come late, Wheeew, it was to closed. 

6:20am, at the car we have seating arrangement. In the front seat, of course the Driver, Mr. Dawood (Indian) and seating besides him is, Mr. Manny and At the backseat. first, I sat behind the back of the driver seat, and next at the center Mr. Anil kumar (Indian) and next is Mr. Jeff, the new lucky guy in the hood. I like that seat I used, nobody can sit there but only me. 

the engine start and the car was moving… I gazed my eyes at the window. the bright sun is rising, I feel the warm heat in my face down to my arms, I feel good and energize, the weather condition is good not hot and there was no humidity, not bad at all. I’ve noticed that we are closed to the check point , and Finally, we arrived at 6:45am.

7:00am, Morning coffee..

7:30am, It’s time to work. 

My mood. 7.2/10.


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