Tuesday, January 3, 2012

get really sick

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
i know she's gonna get really sick of my negative thoughts I'm pouring on her all the time, shes mad, really really mad. I know its not a good sign. Anyway, That's why I need someone else to talk too. that’s the thing being difficult for a long distance relationship. Its hard and It's too sad to think, she should know or we should know both about it.  

I wish every time I was with her we both never been happier and that it would be nothing but laughs and smiles.  But it's not always.  I wish I could just be happy for her.  I wish I never had a worry in the world just for her, so that she never had to be unhappy.  sHe deserves to be happy but I feel, seeing as she's the only person in the world I can talk too, I just bring her down. I love her so very much and happiness is the last thing I want it to be for her. 

mood 6.2/10


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