Friday, January 21, 2011

not in the mood all day

Friday, January 21, 2011

4:57pm Time to go now, time to go to my silent room. While waiting for other people to come, i still kept thinkin about the past.

I stand next to the car, starting to write this lit thought that not so quite important. The weather is cold i feel the air touched my skin, like my life, so sad and boring, and no love and no place to go, no plans ahead.

Life is cold, my head is heavy. I cant avoid to think. Im stil depresd, Not in the mood all day. My world is geting smaller.

My friend called me on my mobile inviting me to play basketball. I havent play basketbal since last year oct 2010, i didnt think twice, i agreed to play for a change so i could not think about her.

ill not play full strength. Just an excercise. Need to fit my body a bit. Anyway i hav no words to say. Im signing off.

My mood: 7.5/10.
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