Friday, January 21, 2011

ive done nothing

Friday, January 21, 2011


This is my stupid face after the long fuckin night convrsation. I slept late. I cant get over it.

I cant believe shes chatting with another guy that she found in the chatango chatrom and they moved to yaho mesenger then they see each others face to face video calls.

I felt my heart squezing, its tearing me apart and i cried for it and she had seen my eyes wept between her eyes. She doesnt feel my burden inside. She didnt feel my heartaches. My heart broken into pieces, shes stubing me on my back no mercy.

By the way, Shes not finish yet with her one night stand mate that she dated december 16 2010, i dont know whats hapendto them. I dont know what there setup. she ignored me in that topic.

I am very sad and low, im not feeling beter, i wil not gona feel better til im stil staying here in saudi arabia. I luv my work and am hapy with it. But the problem is i always felin fuckin homesick. I felt so much hate with myself bcoz i cant do anything, its seems that i just let it happened, and i didnt make any moves to stog it. Im a shame to myself. Ive done nothing. Whay me.?
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