Wednesday, November 17, 2010

writing my pain

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
I finds myself in front of the computer once again. writing my pain… Not sure where to start.  I look around at this place, I saw four corners of my room, mess.... hmmp. Don’t need to put decoration,  i live alone, nobody cares me here… nobody does do.  

getting tired... Getting old… overtime at work everyday from 7am to 10pm its really exhausted. there is no time to wash and clean my stuff. feeling stress all day. food wont work. but care and love would be nice.

Perhaps I need to get on with it then.  Start new, maybe later it will. Just to wait and see..

my mood:5.5/10.


Nina C.

I'm experiencing a very painful time in my life as well. Chin up, things will better just have to pray and keep going.


very cool, man! I'll follow you, okay! até mais...


@nina thank you for your support. i hope things will get better soon.

@ Wladimir thank you for the post.

to all

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