Sunday, November 14, 2010

no more counting days

Sunday, November 14, 2010
no more counting days... there is always days for tomorrow...

another day have just passed me by... no more tears... i leave everything behind... thats why i didnt post a blog for a month..

another day gone.,., never to come back.,., another day wasted., and yet to be rested.,., im so frustrated that another day come away., without me noticing it.,. i've done nothing to stop it., ive done nothing to make it somewhat different to the rest of the days that passed me by.,,. i just sit at my work and do the job that suppose to be done.

now writing again here in front of this freakin' computer.,,., i've been here.,., alone.,.without anyone noticing that i've been here,., guess they just don't care.,. sometimes.,.. crazy ideas crept in my mind,.,.

now im okay.. feeling better...

 my mood: 1.5/10


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