Sunday, March 29, 2009

i hate moving 3

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Geez, I really hate moving…. packing and unpacking its quite stressful…. I have just moved out a week ago in a new apartment. but before I’d moved out, shit happened. the movers didn’t show up…
I’d arranged my stuff shortly the day before it would happen, I already removed my a/c, I disassembled my bed, putting my stuff altogether in a box, and I already informed the landlord that I will leave on that day, everything was done….it was well planned.

after that, I waited for the movers to show up and to shift my things out to my new location… but, OMG (oh ma god!) the movers didn’t show up……. I went crazy and stressed out.

but, I didn’t lose my hope, I waited for them till night.

finally, I reassembled my bed, I returned the a/c on the exact location, even if it was quite heavy I took the risk, then I locked the door, turned off the lights, so the landlord would think that I’m was not there. time was running short…

and I fell asleep.


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