Monday, March 2, 2009

thinking of you all the time

Monday, March 2, 2009
Dear xxxxx,

How happy I am when I see your face smiling in the morning. I’m so glad that you are okay now and not upset anymore. do you know that your smile give me strength and inspire me to do my work today and keep my work right and make my day bright? I know you wasn’t? do you know that I am always keep on thinking of you all the time? I know you do…

if I am alone and you have had overtime at your work, or you came late at night from your work, I always leave a message for you to read on when you arrived at home. so you will know I always been keep on thinking of you all the time and I am always here to comfort you and to love you sincere, honest and true. take note of it.

For sometimes, I always read our ym messages for some thought that myself would like to feel your lovely message to me, just like kinda feeling somethin’ that I am feedin’ my heart with your words that you had been said with the feelings attach on it, seems like a food for thought. and I won’t be tired to keep on reading your lovely thought repeatedly, I am happy to do that all time. I won’t be tired to love you by any means.

I always miss your charming voice. It always comes up into my head, it’s seems like a cassette playin’ in my mind all the way through it. I love to hear your happy voice. Do you know if you call me at work and I hear your voice sounds like you are having joy in your heart and you are smiling at me? you know baby, you put smile in my heart, I feel your love embracing me tight, your voice really helps me to keep me alive and to move forward to our goal. You inspired me so many times. Love you more that myself.

I know there was something gonna happen to us, I believe we will be together soon. I miss you baby, I miss you in every beats of my heart, In every blink of my eyes, In every second of time and...In every moment of the Day !, I love you so much, I love to see you soon…

Love always,


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