Sunday, February 8, 2009

I screwed my diet

Sunday, February 8, 2009

i was surfing in the internet and downloading some mp3 music to installed it in my ipod, when my tummy start crunching, asking for food! I felt hungry, I text my good friend if there are foods to eat. He replied saying that I would come over to join the group for dinner.

Then I walked across to the next building. I was thinking that I might be late for dinner! I don’t want to miss kare-kare with bagoong, I did wait for him to cook that thing for almost a week. I know my friend how he cook it. he is one of the best! he’s brilliant. It’s one of my favorite Filipino food.

Whew! Well, they started eating when I came there! I sit and i take a bunch of rice and kare-kare with ginisang bagoong! Woow delicious! Yummy, excellent I really eat too much, i dont remember what i had told.

It’s too late when I remember I was doing a diet thing!

I said screwed it!

I screwed my diet!

I know I will gain more pounds after I finish eating!

Anyway I don’t care! I taste my favorite food Wow! I really forget everything!

I screwed my diet….Cheers!!!!


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