Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sunday, February 8, 2009


It’s late in the evening, the hours of darkness was all over the place. I 
couldn’t sleep. I want to smoke but I don’t have cigarette. I want to be drunk
but I don’t have wine or beer. I want to forget everything that keeps on 
bothering inside my head just for one night, but I couldn’t do it. It’s hurting 
me so much.

My heart felt sad and lonely. I was trap with my emotion and my sentiment. I want 
to write more of my saddest moment for tonight but it’s hurting me so much. I 
should hid and keep it all inside my heart. Maybe somehow I will do forget all of 
it. I must try to forget it. Who cares?! Nobody cares when you sad.

It’s very difficult to live alone, away from your family, no one listened for what you feel inside your heart, and no one nears you when you needed someone. 

they already forget me....


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