Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sunday, February 8, 2009

wrote: January 08 2009- Layouts

I visited those sites like multiply and friendsters page and I really like to see good impressive background layouts, it’s cool!, I’m impressed!, it’s a thing kinda, animated type of background layouts! Wow you’re so cool! You are at the level of html programmer! High five for you! But anyhow, it is really reflects you?? Why not simple?

By the way, guys! How did you do that!? did you really create that kind of stuff or you just copy and paste the code itself! However, you’re such a creative person! Yes really, you are! And, Could you please teach me how to do it. Im willing to learn on it.

You know sometimes what I need is to visit some new photos, read some blogs if they have it and the last thing is to drop a message and leave that’s it……

But you know guys I face a lot of problem when I tried to open up webpage that contain graphics animated layouts, specially from friendster. And these are the following.

1. It takes a longer time to download your page. Boring.
2. It will cost me mo money!
3. The last thing is Server error… it irritates me..

Does your multiply or friendster layouT fits you?!
What I suggest is do blogging! Cool! Peace..!!

Have fun! Enjoy!


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