Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why Blog?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why blog?

My high school buddy asked me "why, am I writing a blog?", What are the reasons why i am writing a blog? What  are my blogs for?, or (in general) with the purpose of getting someone to visit my site to read them, what would i say in it that might be interesting in their eyes?.

My blog purpose is to release my tension, talk about my everyday routine, or sometimes let it go away with my feelings.  Maybe when you read my blog, you get to know me ……  you will laugh sometimes,.  Somehow, in a bad situation that happened,  we tried to avoid it….  and maybe served as a  warning to other people becoz we have shared it to them.

like during those days when I am staying in my room,  getting bored, nothing to do, nothing but to write…… in this way, I can release what is it inside of me. I have had lots of moments and memories that I just let it passed away with no accounts of how and when it happened…. Memories that were wasted becoz it was not recorded……

I think its better to write than doing nothing. Or it would be better to have zero than empty. That’s my reason why I’d love to write my blog.


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