Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Years Eve

Sunday, February 8, 2009
wrote:January 2 2009

New Years Eve! My plan was to stay in my room for the whole night! And of course I was expecting calls from my friend’s coz I know they might be inviting me to join them to celebrate and welcome the upcoming year 2009.

For several hours that I have been waiting, my phone rang! My friend said. “Do you care to join the party!”) I replied. “Of course I’m free tonight”. To make my story short.. I went there and I was surprised because I was expecting lots of people would come to celebrate New Year’s Eve in our hang out. Strange! We’re just four persons celebrating New Years Eve! Anyway it’s not a big deal I just wanted to let the new years pass! Even if we’re only four we can still (celebrate) New Year.

However, the important things is I chatted to my couple of friends, we had discussed some issues, we’d bonded like real closed friends and the tough one is taking some photos for Friendster uploading though, and I did uploaded it earlier… and I realized that my pictures wasn’t good. I reviewed all my photos and my eyes are sad….. Anyway frankly speaking someone bothered me that night……

At last the time has passed; the old year 2008 has been left out! Another New Year has just begun happy New Year 2009!!!! Enjoy party..! We played the videoke to sing a song; you know I don’t want to give up my singing career….i love to sing…


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