Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday morning

Saturday, May 22, 2010
day 287

Friday morning I woke up early 5:30 am, I'm doing this every Friday just to play my game, basketball… me and my friends always arrived at the gym early because we don’t want to play at the second game.

The gym open at 6:30am and we are already on the front door… waiting for the time to open… I stayed at the gym for almost half of the day…. So it takes a long hours… staying there just playin and do chatting while waiting for the next game… although I am at my leisure time I always thinking about what I was worrying about every time… It never comes into my head that it will happen… I know there is another problem to be consider on her side and thats why we can't get wed this year… and and its not in the list of our plan...

however, because of the custody of her children… she postponed the wedding… I can't do anything about it just to understand her…. and I always kept on thinking about it every day since she started to open up to me….

I feel the sadness for the past few days… and she’s freakin me out....

my mood: 6.7/10.


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