Thursday, May 6, 2010

she give out happiness

Thursday, May 6, 2010
day 271

Wednesday... it’s been a long one at work. the days seem to run on for weeks lately. the day start off slow...not wanting to get out of bed after my obnoxiously loud alarm clock goes off. i eat breakfast egg sandwich and hot coffee, i always eat at work. the coffee is free.

of course the time seems to return to a normal pace when I received emails from her... those are the only times i wish i could slow down and forget the time. just her presence is like a sort of haven, I thought she’s near me. where i don't worry or let the thoughts my life creep into my head(ipis-bugs). she give out happiness wherever she is. i wish i was like that, I could think positive often. Sometimes wishes never come true, but I wish it could be. oh how i wish i knew her better.... the time comes nearer…

it seems i should make a point of knowing her better. I don’t want my face seem like distant strangers to her. her voice I always miss it, I always keep listening at it. i wish i am there closer to her. i wish things would go better. i wish i could sleep through an entire night without waking up screaming into my pillow.

my mood: 2.2/10.


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