Friday, May 21, 2010

heavy feeling

Friday, May 21, 2010
day 286

Thursday, I woke up late with a heavy feeling this morning…. I am always worried about all the disappointmen I had inside me, the feeling that I can't let it out…coz everything’s turn out wrong… I felt that my spirit is isn't connected to the rest of my body... it was like having a very bad day, I felt lost and lonely... I hate it when I am feelin like this.

I am not able to sleep well till 2:00 a.m every day... i miss the happiness, I miss the laughing thing when I am with her, I miss everything.

Anyway, i'm still not sleepy yet, i can go online... chat.. surf... anything to be busy... i'm getting so tired of being sad... i wanna start being happy... i know there are a lot of stuffs to be sad and stressful about... but i'm leaving them for some time and concentrate on being happy for a while... i'll just go back to those when i have to..... I just need to put something that I could make myself busy till I close my eyes…. tomorrow is another day...

my mood: 5.5/10.


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