Wednesday, May 19, 2010

horrors of love

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
day 284

Its absolutely turns out pretty different as i planned i never thought the plans was changed i hate it.... its turn out to be totally different, it turns out totally ugly...

now i dont know where to go.. its Like you never knew where it really end. Now, when you think you're in love with this person then the situation turns ugly. You not only feel betrayed but you're disgusted with your feelings and everything that happened between you was a shame.

You can't help but feel hatred, anger, loneliness. In most cases you can't find the upside to this situation becasue it's not there. i felt that i don't exist. i never been a priority.. 

Now moving on is the tricky thing because the betrayal, the inability to trust is there and the only way for it to go away is to find trustworthiness somewhere else, which in most cases won't happen or takes time to happen.

Life isn't a fairy tale where fairies are magical and the princess and prince charming are total asshole. the real life is a hell hole filled with crapshoots and boobietraps.

there's No love anymore. i know there is another problem will exist... I've been waiting for it for months to let that out, now that I had see it.. i can move on from the horrors of "love", Nothing good has come from it for me. 



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