Monday, May 10, 2010

he couldn't sleep

Monday, May 10, 2010
day 276

Morning, I woke up late again, I quickly went to the bathroom take a less than a minute shower, then headed back to my room and get dress with my company uniform in a hurry. Then I rushed myself down to the parking lot, where the other guys waiting for me, am quite late.

we are on the road...and i was sitting In the backseat and my friend(indian) that next to me started snoring. Grr... it was too loud, I got irritated, I really wanted to slap his mouth so hard till it gets bleed.... since i have my ipod, I take it out in my handbag an started to play some noisy music and increase the volume, just to lessen his loud snorring thing. But suddenly he just dropped his mouth at my shoulder, I got really pissed off Grrr.... enough! is enough! I really want to kick him out at the car.... his really annoying me... my mind went dark..

i woke him up and told him that we are at the check point and need to show up our ID's. When he sat back down for half an hour later he started complaining to himself that he couldn't sleep well. Grrr... i really love to choke him to death.

my mood: 5.0/10.


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