Sunday, May 2, 2010

I feel alone tonight

Sunday, May 2, 2010
day 267

I just arrived from the basketball practice. I'm tired and I am wet, i went to the closet and grab some dry towel to wipe out the skin moisture at my arms and body. Then I sat and rest for a while in front of my laptop… while I am sitting here my fingers started to type at the keyboard I don’t know where it will go…

I feel alone tonight… I am always alone… I asked who do i turn to when no one is there? no one besides me…? who do you lean on when a shoulder does not exist?

I always keep thinking… I overused my mind I guess… I never learned from my past experience.. like other people says in a comment… and turns out for me a negative feedback when i read it… anyway guys thanks for the comment although its quite painful but I know it was for me to move forward.

However, sometimes some comments I over analyzing it and then self hate and then I started to blame myself for the lack of a social life that i do not have.

I guess I am stuck with my shadow from the past.

my mood: 5.7/10.


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