Sunday, April 25, 2010

acting weird!

Sunday, April 25, 2010
day 260

Saturday! good day everyone! I have a bad news today! My laptop is acting weird!… I heard a noise coming from the fan of my processor… it was so irritating, well i think it will goin to blow up... damn!

I hate SONY VIAO model VGN-CS118E… don’t buy it… I really regret to purchased it. however its only 2 years on my hand… and the first problem occurred.. it was the power supply… it always goes off... then i sent it to the workshop because it was still under warranty service…in short they fixed it..

Grrrr! again i heard this annoying sounds coming from the laptop and I can't sleep to think about it, maybe if I will not act to send it to the workshop it will getting worst… anyway tomorrow after my work I will send it to the workshop…

I have plenty of blogs left at my yahoo account draft emails… I’ve been lazy to publish my blogs lately… due to the basketball practice… but tomorrow night I will go to the net shop to fill up my empty days countdown…

I need to publish all my blogs then..

my mood: 6.5/10.


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