Sunday, April 18, 2010

we will be together

Sunday, April 18, 2010
day 253

Saturday, first day of basketball practice, I'm not feelin good tonight… I'm not in the mood to play basketball, but Im already there so why not give it a try. then I played.

I'm pretty tired, when I got home, but I wanted to write a bit about my feelings. I really wanted to say something but I don’t know how to express it in words.. in English. then i remember the good things….

It’s been a month I haven’t wrote a good blogs to read… I wonder if I could write something better tonight.

so I dreamt and I always say it and i write that we were being together forever… and l always mentioned it to her… I guess I would rather think this is the idea, to tell the story where we tried to be together, but at the moment we couldn’t do it because of the gap we were facing... but I hope it will not come to your mind that one day you were stop trying.

I love you, I love everything about you, and I will always do, and I will do the best for you. You know, I really wish today is the day to be with you, I would like to hold you and cuddle you each time that i hold you in my arms. Day dreaming about the day at the airport, how it could be…?! What it will gonna be? I hope this dreams it won’t be over… ill be happy… If you will do so..

Anyway, I just thinking, I hope you will not leave me. I am glad I got to love you as I do. I always do. i promised we will be together soon.

my mood: 3.5/10.


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