Thursday, April 29, 2010

I can't be better

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Day 265

Last night, i moaned myself to sleep... i felt like every thing's flooding on me... I felt that I can't be better, a few weeks ago, i was in a pleasant state... everything felt okay... nah!.. not every thing's okay, just a few days then... but i could face off with everything... i just need to get out for a little while then i could come back and fight all out...

I'd look forward on Fridays... I need a change, now, I'm feeling all the tension... all the stress... every thing's not good... but of course, i assured them I'll be fine... I'll be fine... not as happy but I'll get through this... i wish it just ignored me online... and did not delete me like that... i wish she realized I'm going thru pain and stress, and what she would do it’s a big question...

it was too sensitive to her... i really thought she knew me... what i did, what i do, what I'm going thru... i thought, at the very least ... to care for me even just as a person she used to laugh with, but... she didn't care about my feelings , it was something special... she didn't care if I'm hurting now coz i have to face the real thing... she just didn't care... why would she, sad... i know i cant be better.

my mood: 5.9/10.



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