Monday, April 26, 2010

it’s all my mistake

Monday, April 26, 2010
day 262

Today, i am at work... I don’t know what to say but every day this damn question always bothers me….haaaaaaay! why do i feel like you hate me so much? why do you hate me? did I say or do something that I harm you?! why you're always mean towards me…and yet you say you’re not and that there are no harsh feelings. But you always pick up every negative words I said?

i'm starting to feel more and more distant towards you but I will say sorry, even though for you there is no sense no mo. and now i will always feel like it was my fault and then feel bad about it all in the end and it’s all my mistake…

if I talked regarding about their self, it will bounce on me they don’t want their issues to be open and talked about… and then again it will end up.. it’s my fault. I end up loser because they will goes offline. And never talked to me again.

Anyway it just a rants nothings personal…

My mood: 6.5/10.



I never hates you. I dont know why you feel i hates you , i never hates you . I loves you so much!! Maybe becuse you dont forgive me yet. thats why it still hurts. You cant accept me anymore and you dont trust me anymore. Yes its hurts and its hurts me you feel that way towards me. All i can think of you is to love you and care for you.

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