Thursday, April 15, 2010

i always been tempted

Thursday, April 15, 2010
day 250

Wednesday, there is no new things, if you darn ask me… I always be the same guy you know. Anyway I'm sorry for some comments that I’ve been able to delete, I know you are pretty upset. sorry.

I'm sorry that I always wrote depressing blogs I know it’s not worth it, if you don’t like it don’t read it. now I'm reducing the amount of times I swear, I should fight, the game that has been already started. It's really bad. They choose me to play. So yes, no more swearing. I always say it, but I don't want to have a foul mouth, I don’t want them to hate me. she always been hate me.

So tonight, I seriously I didn't want to go at work tomorrow because of my lack of sleep tonight... now it’s too late, I’ve got a few hours to sleep. I know tomorrow there was no good morning. i feel sleepy now because it is almost midnight... so anyway I will just have my facebook break. I don’t know why I'm really afraid to open facebook site. but i cant stop myself to open it. i always been tempted to open it and i still did some facebook research like aka formally known as stalking.

sad but its true, that’s why most of the time if I feel happy. I really don’t want it to open. Damn I know I am right, It will killed my happy mood streak, I swear my life tends to do that a lot. My mood will go down so quickly and so hard. i should not go there.. 

Up to now, I'm still sad. I want to have some fun and forget about it for a bit. But I can't.

I really need to focus. This is my future now. If I want to succeed, I need to give it my all. But we'll see whatever happens.

I hope for the good, and I'm praying for the good.

my mood: 5.3/10.


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