Sunday, March 28, 2010

empty blogging days

Sunday, March 28, 2010
day 232

today, after i finished fill out my empty blogging days... I went outside… to relax… to bent… and  i've been walking somewhere, anywhere that could changed my attention, even just for a minute. Anyway this is not ordinary moment of my pure pleasure because it can be a time to think, to reflect, to be inspired and so much more.

I enjoy even just walking, it is an opportunity for me to keep away at my computer just for a while. It is also a chance for me to reflect on myself or what I've learned for so many days.

Sometimes, I observe the people around me; those who are walking with friends, by themselves or listening to music. walking is  another way where I could unwind.

my mood: 1.2/10.



It is alright for us to be away from WWW after all we live in a real world. I also do the same when I feel I have nothing to write. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Welcome back … ^_^

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