Saturday, March 20, 2010

a few lines

Saturday, March 20, 2010
day 222

tonight i'm sitting in my room. another day gone by. I was busy the entire day, busy for sleeping, what with the hard work today.... today is Friday, but frustrating. desperately need a change. my memories runs nothing with just a bunch of frustration. saw you online on chat but as usual couldn't gather the courage to write a few lines to you. so here i am typing away in the middle of the night a letter to you which maybe you'll never read. so much for sanity.

hope your doing well gurl, hope your new found lover and world is treating you well. You’re so far away from me now. each passing day the distance between us increases and it makes me question my inner self will there ever come a day where i'll get a chance to meet you, see you and pour my heart's thoughts to you again. I know I will gonna miss you terribly. 

may He protect you through all the hard times in your life and may be give you strength to face life with that brilliant smile on your glowing beautiful face of my best… good night… 

another memories in the past…

my mood: 1.9/10.



i always end up speechless every time i read your post..

dont know what too say, too much emotion i guess..

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