Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random thoughts again

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Day 215 

Wheeew… I'm so tired after work and yet, I suppose I haven't written anything now a day’s… and technically this doesn't count either. However, I always love to listen rap music, and alternative song’s but I already don’t know who’s the hottest alternative rock band today. IPOD is my tools for listening music, i love music.

anyway, I’ve got saved blog at my email and I'll rewrite it later. I don’t care what it sound is, but now i like to write happy thoughts.. I will write a more proper blog later. I've got a few angels to dedicate blogs to. Shall be done shortly.

by the way, I'm just kickin my ass downloading for Ben Caldwell cartoons drawing… I been inspired by his art… its really amazing... I'm busy upgrading my drawings skills at the moment… that’s why I write less..

i dont know where my thoughts flow today but i guess this random set of ideas. 

my mood: 1.7/10.



im having problems on what to write too..

hm. let me sleep first, maybe i can get something in my dreams:)

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