Thursday, February 11, 2010

the last message

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Am I dreaming? Is it real? I woke up with the light shine on my face, my eyes were still closed, the shine was too bright to see, I raised my hand to cover my face, I never thought you were there, watching me… I glance my eyes slowly towards your face shining, I saw your breathtaking eyes and smile it seems overwhelmed my heart and my spirit and took me away into the wonderful world of happiness, the everlasting happiness that i never felt since i was a kid. I hope it could be real. I hope the happy feelings will never stop, it’s very difficult to find happiness in this real world.

I hope it wasn’t a dream, wishing you will stay with me, I pray you'll never lose your way. now I felt my heart is squeezing, wishing if I could only touch your face, and embrace you just a moment. wishing if I could only touch you just for one minute, just one minute, if that happens, I wish I will never wake up and I will keep you in my dreams forever.

you complete me, I will find you, I will find a way, It would that makes every things okay, sooner. I don’t have fear, you're near I never fear, I know world is filled of lust and evil. there a lotta trials to challenge but I will never give up, I will stand still, I know with the love of God, there is time for me to rise. I can’t wait, I never wait. I push myself to the limit till I’ll get near.

But if you don’t love me, perhaps I know I can never have you. then I will not wake up, ill choose not to wake up. I know emotional torture is the deadliest cruel thing that I can’t hold on. But I hope I will stay a little bit longer to say the last message “I love you so much”.

My mood: 1.5/10.



You are not dreaming! Its real! Im real. Im watching you while you sleep every night. I kiss you in my dreams. Im embrace you and comfort you when you sad. Im waiting for you everyday. Everyday i want to see you. Every morning i want to see you before you go. My spirit join your spirit. We are one. I want it last. I want it last forever. I want to be with you forever. Its a joy , peace, and love to be with you. We are married in spirit. Wew will be together soon.
The love and happiness you brought into my life is amazing. Your love is wonderful and amazing. Your love fill my heart with joy, peace, love, contentment. I want to feel your love all the time . I want to feel your love forever. I want to keep you in my heart forever. I love you so much !!! It will be my message to you everyday of mylife until the end. I love you so much.xxxx

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