Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friendly thoughts

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good morning!

Don’t worry I’m okay don’t think about that I am overdoing myself, my blogs are intended to vent my feelings and emotions through the way of writings, I just really want to let my feelings out. anyhow I think there’s no harm about it.

besides I am not in the room for quite sometimes, I went to panda, I went to the beach for swimming movies and listen to any music of course, you know how I love music and I will not retire yet on my singing career and every other day I went to the gym for health exercise.

basically, I know and I think, i balance my way of living well and also I eat well… even though you are not asking me to eat in your place. but It’s okay... Now, I am enjoying myself…

you know my family respect me as well as my friend that are closer to me, they know that I am the head of the family now……. they need me, they need my help, and I know I am the only concern person that could help them. i will not lose my fate. i will not lose their faith. i know your sound like I lose my control…but I’m still at my right course…

by the way I will not harm myself, although my blogs are up and down. My God is always in my side to help me, I know he will not let me down.

Thanks for your concern, have a great day…

I am enjoying myself even though I’m not around.

Good day! Thanks! Enjoy!

Dear Joven,

I have given you enough space and time for quite a long time but you seem to enjoy it more so I decided not to disturb you for some time. But on the second thought, being a friend, I would like to know how have you been doing lately….

I visit your blogs every now and then. From the way I look at it, it seems like a roller-coaster ride. One day it’s up, another day it’s down, you seem to lose control of your emotions and it bothers me a bit.

Being in loved is one of the most wonderful feelings one could ever experience. But you need to balance it off. Showing your emotions to your loved one is fascinating… it makes your life meaningful. But are you overdoing it? or maybe thinking that it is not enough yet? You need to assess yourself. Don’t you think it’s affecting your work? Don’t you think you somehow neglect your social activities, like interacting with your friends? Am not saying, you owe it to your friends, you just need to open up a bit more so that you can free yourself from your suffocating world. Being alone sometimes is invigorating… it makes you think, contemplate, meditate and assess yourself. But if you do it most of the time, then, it is rather unhealthy because you only invite more negative thoughts than what you can only think of.

Sorry if you think I have become too intrusive to your private moments. I was thinking that I could somehow help you find ways to make things a bit easier for you. I just want to say, I did not leave you…. I was just there looking from the outside…. Still caring for you.

Best regards


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