Sunday, July 26, 2009

My journey...

Sunday, July 26, 2009
I just feel amazing feeling to be in love once again. Just when you are giving up on love you realize that there is more to learn about it. The pains it cause make you appreciate better things in life than giving up on love.

My journey in life is one full of pains and misery but despite all of these it is love once again that awakens me what is the real essence of love. It is often ironic how love hurts yet it gives joys and delights to one's heart.

If there is one thing to learn about love it is loving the right person that makes you highly appreciate love's essence, and does it make sense. I completely forgot the feeling of being loved or loving back for quite some times. And one hello from a blog changes all that. comment can change things.

I no longer believe in ever after. That is something I have worked hard for but failed. But I now learn to accept that I cannot always run away from love. Most especially from loving someone so dear who always make everything alright for me.

I am tired of refusing to love. This time around I am giving in to this wonderful feeling. I only hope that this happiness will never come to an end or I might not be able to open my doors for love once again - ever. I wish that there is happiness at the other end of this journey.

My mood: 7.0/10


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