Saturday, July 4, 2009

Personal Space

Saturday, July 4, 2009

when i first joined and started to blog on this site, I had no intention of allowing anyone I knew personally to have access to it. this was going to be my personal space to vent, to winged and moan, maybe even to share some happy experiences with the world, so long as it was not my lil corner of the world.

however, after some time I shared my blog with a small number of people i love and trust. I hope it was not a mistake. i wrote all about me and at the moment it’s my personal space.

this is my space for my personal thoughts, both good and bad. anyone who reads this should be aware that they may not always like what they read and if they are unable to deal with the truth laid bare.

I’m pretty laid back and can be tactful and considerate to those I care about. That’s not to say I’m dishonest and don’t express my true feelings, but i am far more subtle than I could be if I were to just say exactly what is on my mind. i think most of us are like that.

no one wants to hurt the ones they love by tearing their world to shreds every time they disagree with their lifestyle choices. I know my other friends are actually have that same respect for me. they are very comfortable giving their opinions on every area of my life .
and I believe i have the right to write my opinion and shall continue to post on here...... this is my space.


My mood: 7.0/10



you know what? I felt the same when I first started my blog. I thought I was going to have this anonymous identity so I can share anything about my life in my blog. I'm very personal so I don't really like people I do know to know everything about my life. However when I look around other people's blog, I now know what's best for me. I should blog whatever comes to my mind and I should not feel sorry to say about my personal things. It feels good to write about what happened in our life. =]

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