Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am with you...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Perhaps I know physically I am not in your side right now, but I do love you as much as you do love me and I would love to be with you forever, I would do anything for you, this is what i mean just as much as my life does goes around you. I know sometimes I’m not the best man you want. But I will support you and deal with you no matter what means a lot to me. I can trust you and I know you’ll always be loyal to me. Always.

I know we’re not perfect as individual people but we are perfect together. I love how sweet you are. Even when I’m being completely childish which is most of the time. I love how you’re being honest with me, even if it would hurt my feelings for sometimes. I love how you can boost my spirits and self-esteem when I’m feeling my lowest.

You can make me cry easy, but good or bad, I am with you. I always love everything about you. I know you always tell me I can do better. To be honest with you, there is no other woman out there like you. There is no woman who makes me as happy as you do and there never will be. So I have to disagree with that statement.

You’re all I need. You’re all I want. That’s the way it’s always gonna be.

My mood: 7.1/10


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