Monday, July 20, 2009

only you forever in my heart

Monday, July 20, 2009
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Dearest xxxxxx,

Hello ! Hope you are ok! You know days and night are not the same without seeing you and talk to you . Im always looking for you and wanting to see you on the webcam and wanting to talk to you long hours. How i wish the days passed quickly so i will see you again and be with your loving arms again. I just want you to know that i love you more and more each day and not miss a single day without telling you how much i care about you. I don't want the day passed without being contact with you by any means. You are the most important person in mylife and always will be . How i wish i could be with you now to be there all the time and care for you and comfort you and give your every needs. Maybe then you don't worry too much and feel a lot better.

Even we are apart you still make me happy with your deep love to me . I feel it in my heart and blood. Your loves encourages me and makes me strong. It is always in my mind that we are married in spirit and did feel blessed with God. I am stay focus with you and to our plan . I'm waiting the day that we will get married in front of our God and our family and friends. As for now, i'm waiting patiently and doing the best i can to be a good wife to you, as i am your wife now and you are my husband.

You are always in my mind and heart and will always stay with me. Thank you so much for being loving , caring , understanding, and forgiving to me.
I treassure you so much and will cherish you forever in mylife.
We will get married and we will live together always and never be parted anymore very soon.

I love you and will love only you forever in my heart.
I miss you so muchxxxxxxx


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