Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Married in spirit - 2

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
We're married in spirit I know you will treat it carefully because we are tied together forever. When you look in to my eyes, you know you belong there and I will give you the same honest look over and over again. The gaze that shows you are the only one for me. By saying nothing, I will say it all because my love can talk to you without spoken words. we’re both married in spirit in the eyes of the Lord for that i know his omni present has been there to be our witness.

True love for you can only be found in a place that has permanently settled in my warm heart. Someday will be every day. Every day will be ours. Our worlds turn in the same direction with my guiding spirit that only shines for your sky. I will be your Angel in heaven that takes away all and brings everything that needs to happen to make you happy. I promise with each step you will take I will slowly give you more little pieces of my heart. When you finally are on your way, you don't have to travel very far because I will meet you half way on the stairs of heaven so we can continue together.

I will be waiting with my hand reaching out. If you ever become tired of that climb, I will ensure to give you all my energy and be a light on your path in any time of darkness. In an empty night or on a rainy day, I will come running. Your existence is the only one in my confusing world and I would do anything to keep you near me because my true affection will give you all you long for.

As seasons change colours, I will give you the strength and courage you need to continue on our walk. Intimately love is build where we enjoy every moment of passion and our desires. The intense moment will be all I am living for. There is not anything I would not take on for your existence because at last we are alone in our own never ending story. You will lead me to a match of my reserved heart and yours. It will be you. It will always be you. The desire to live forever is long forgotten because my love to give is more than enough for a lifetime.
Will you marry me? without any doubt?
My mood: 7.2/10


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