Sunday, July 12, 2009

i will love you forever

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Each day we are both discussing about our love how we 're equally sincere and faithful for what we felt and today I woke up and I have so many question to shout out.

here it is..

Will you love me forever just as I have love you? Would you take that walk with me… Converse with me when I am in need for understanding? Hold me when I am in need for comfort And guide me through all of these stresses our life has directed towards us? Are you willing to hold your ground when times get ruff… As the world turns against us…And as temptation challenge us? Do you see passion when you look into my eyes while you kiss my lips?

As I hold you closed to my heart, I felt the love that I was looking for a long time, it was wonderful. Every tears I’ve had cried the bloody pain I felt inside. I just kept and locked it deep into my heart, trying to forget and don’t look back, it’s killing me but now I catch it with a good faith in… Because I know it will be healed on a much brighter day.

Will you love me forever…and even after forever? For all of eternity…even when death has done its part? When I look into your eyes…I didn’t see a lifetime love but I see forever love and a true love..

Will you love me forever just as I love you? Will you be there when I need you? Or whenever you need me? When I look into your eyes. I see everything I have been always needed. What I have always wanted And what I have always prayed for every night, every morning and everywhere.

You are the next best thing having the lord next standing at my side and so therefore when I tell you that I love you…Don't ever think that... it is anything less than being forever... it is my heart told me to love you forever.

My mood: 7.1/10


Dorothy L

Thank you...that was so beautiful and inspiring :)



Each day and everyday my love for you is going deeper and deeper and going stronger and stronger. I love you and will love you everyday of mylife until my last breath and till eternity. I did commited my life with you, myself, my everything , and my whole being and existence. I already entrust you my whole heart, mind, body, spirit , and soul. I trust you with all my heart.

I am and be with you all the days of mylife to love you, care for you , support you with all your plan for us and my plan for both of us. I will comfort you in times of sadness. I will always be with you all the time especially when you needed me most i will neve leave you. I will understand you as we are both human and not perfect. We will sat down and talk about things we dont agree and im trying to be equal and fair with you and do what is best for both of us. I will hold your hands when you feel scared and assure you that i am always at your side.

When i did gave you my heart, i did entrust you everything about me, I feel very happy and i know i will be happy with you forever with your love i feel safe. I have no doubt , worries or whatever that you will be a good husband to me and me to be a good, loyal and faithful wife to you.

I know life is not always happy and calm. But when times get rough and days get dark i will be always with you to help you, cheer you, and lift you with my spirit with the help of our almighty God who bind us to be as one.

All i can say is i love you and will love you will all my heart, mind, body , and soul. I trust you and have faith with you.

Above all these, I trust the Lord for us and our relationship. I believe our plans are all come true in His time. I am patiently waiting for the day that we will get married and live together as husband and wife.

I love you and will love only you forever in my heartxxxxxxx

Deviki @ Viki

wow that is VERY well written.....JOB WELL DONE ur blog keep up the good work

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