Sunday, July 19, 2009

honestly nothing i can do

Sunday, July 19, 2009
i'm sure i, myself has that point in time i just stop, period. and i wanna just take a second to think about something good for myself but i'm still living at the past, and that's why sometimes i wanna cry because i can't stay away from my past and i know that won't solve anything.

i always have to think about her except myself, theres no time for myself and im trying not to think for somethings else that it might hurt her feelings, hence pretend that i feel okay, but thats not the point though. i'm just having one of those days where i wanna crawl up in my couch and cry a little bit because you just want that one person that'll make you feel better, somehow. but she's not there. and it makes it that much worse. you would do anything just to be by her. but you can't.

there is just honestly nothing i can do at the moment. i don't want pitty or attention, i just want her. only her. but in the end, i can't always get what i want. and maybe it just wasn't meant to be but that thought crosses your mind and you can't even imagine what that would be like.

but i know that one person is my own selfish feel-good antidote? she's my cure... indeed.

My mood 7.0/10



I will always be with you baby! You are and always will be in my heart and in my mind now and forever!!!
We will be together soonxxxxxx

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