Friday, July 31, 2009

right shoulder pain...

Friday, July 31, 2009
I’ve got a terrible Muscular pain in my right shoulder, I can’t take it this way all the time… I’ve had played basketball every Thursday I played 2 sets about 5:30PM, I noticed the pain in the front and the back part of my right shoulder including the armpit area. I can’t moved faster during playing time, and I cannot focus on my game plan inside the court.

Each day, I woke up and the pain continued, especially my right shoulder joint. I can't rise my arm, I can’t carry things or I can’t move my arm very good and faster, I took a muscular pain pill, and put hot and cold cream as well as pain reliever, but the thing is the same, nothings happen and it’s getting worst. what's happening with my arm and my shoulder? how long is it going to last? how can I cure it?

Yesterday, after I finished playing basketball I went to the clinic together with my friend to take a referral slip for my right shoulder x-ray… luckily, I catch the nurse before he went to dinner. Now I’ve got my referral slip, today or tomorrow I will go to the hospital for my right shoulder treatment.

I hope everything’s gonna be okay..

My mood: 7.2/10


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