Sunday, December 27, 2009

letter: I Stay with You!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009
day 143 -part 3

Dearest xxxxxx,
Hi, there Baby. "Merry Christmas!" this is my reply to you previous letter, sorry if I replied late, you know where am I. anyway, thank you for the lovely letter you wrote for me. I really felt the spirit and sincerity of your letter.
You lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my baby, and will forever be my baby. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, just hold tight, I will find you just always have faith with the love I gave to you. we will be together soon. Were miles apart but the gift of hope and love is righteously deserve for us, just bare with me. I will come to you.

Every day I wake up with the thought of you, dreaming for our time together. I never stop thinking about you. I hope you still think of me too. I love you inside and out, I love you all that I was and all that I will ever be.

if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day. I can't wait to be with you, to see your smile, to look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. The way I feel about you some people call crazy, some call it insane, but I call it true love. I really love you, and i love you always.

Love always,


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Subject: I Stay with You!!

Dearest xxxxxxx,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that all your efforts and sacrifices are all very much appreciated. Thank you so much for all the love, care, and patience your are giving me through out the year and all the days that we have a relationship. Im so glad that ive found you. You are the my happiness, my everything , and mylife. I am so happy that you are with me all the time in my sad times and happy times,

in my anger, confusion, and frustrations you always with me to support me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. You dont know how much joy you are giving me knowing that you love me and care for me for the rest of mylife.

You know we have plan. And im stick with you and our plan. Im doing my best and giving you all the best i can to make it all come true. Im giving you all my love, all my time, all my attention, with all my heart, body , soul and spirit is for you and you alone. I will support you with all your plan with each other,your plan for our own family, your plan to our families, and our plan for the future together. Together we will make it baby. Together we will live loving , caring , understanding, and supporting each other. We will get maried soon. And it will start another new beginning for us to be together. Another day is a day closer to be with each other. I am focusing to you and our plan. Im holding tight thinking of you and the days we will be together is wonderful.

I am waiting, praying, and believing it will all come true in His time. In His presence we are one married in spirit. In His time we will be together....hold on tight... focus.... and praying.... it will come closer and closer with our dreams come true.

I love you so much with all my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.
I will keep on loving you everyday of mylife.
I miss you so very much.
Take care baby. You know i care for you so much.
love always,


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