Saturday, August 22, 2009

The age of technology

Saturday, August 22, 2009
day 18 - part 2

It's so good to have all this technology on this day in age. We can text, email, instant messenger, call, fax etc.... Some people like me, can't live without a phone. Some people need to be completely in contact with the world like internet, and there was a time when i am feelling lonely and sad, i need to talk to my baby to vent out my feelings, or spending just a little time with her talking just to let it go the down side feelings i felt, the phone features its quite useful. we are at the age of technology.

Sometimes when you are walking around in the outside world everyone has carrying their latest hightech Gadget unto them and almost everyone has having their own phones. They are either having voice calls, texting, bluetooth and playing games these are all mobile features that people currently in used. however, I have come to realize that all the gadget that we are using it just from the outside world. we're just being wired. 

perhaps with my baby, its just phone calls away when i miss her it cannot be wasted or just texting away its really quite useful to me. basically, we are having some type of contact with the world is such a necessity that people don't value what is in front of them. So, here I am, simply keep my phone on my table, and look at it until tonight! it's either i will call my baby, or either she will call me back. well, lets just wait. but i like something better which is the the power of the internet. we can use the full features of the instant messenger like those chatting and voice calls, web cam, sharing photos, messaging etc. the knowledge of the man has been goin farther.

on the internet the world is in your hands and the world can wait for me to get back to them. 

my mood: 7.2/10


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