Saturday, August 29, 2009

Full of surprises...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 26- part 2

Life is full of you agree? if you ask me, my answer is absolutely yes! How can I say that? it’s simple because my life really amaze me all the time at here in saudi for almost a year by now i have been seen the twist and turns every day, straight and curves of the road, dark’s and bright, ups and downs.. you would always encounter.

but the question is are we strong enough to deal with life’s surprises? the answer is all in our bare hands. Sometimes it’s really hard to face it if you don’t know the outcome.. I don’t believe in destiny. we are the one who controls and manage our life. if we let influences drown us, then nothing is gonna happen. Standing straight and strong in this path of life is always possible.

Having great philosophy, determination, willingness and submit yourself to God, is the great armor and weapon for us to fight the battle of life. The battle that no end, the battle that only us could manage... there’s no one else but you…

My mood 7.3/10


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