Monday, August 10, 2009

bad feature comes

Monday, August 10, 2009
day 7

I have headache, lack of power, doubts, worries....almost all kinds of bad feature comes to me recently. I feel tired every morning which should be the most powerful time. I talked with my friends for this but no one can find out the reason for my sleeplessness.

Too much thinking? or miss somebody? I have no idea as well when I go to bed , so many things come to my brain, relatives , lovers , friends, colleagues .. I don't know which one is reasonable to thing during this time so all of them comes out .


maybe all of this caused by my depression. I was excited for my long holidays but it will be done next year I hope it will be happy and full of joy. But it’s quite too long for me. anyway, I don’t care what my future may hold for me, nobody care to me as well.

but what i do care right now, is I've got a bottle of sleeping tablet, a bottle of alcoholic drinks... so every thing was setup.... I hope I will have my good sleep and my peace of mind.

My mood: 6.9/10



I wrote you a long email about your depression. If you don't see it in your email, check in junk mail. New letters often go there. I wrote last week too, maybe that letter is in junk mail too. "This too shall pass."
Blessings, Sheila/Bluebirdy

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