Tuesday, August 18, 2009

live happily ever after

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Day 15 – part 2

Well you know, things are not alright today. My mood slowly goes down. But Do you ever have one of those days when its starts off really really bad and then all of a sudden it gets really good again? Well this morning, I was almost on the down level of my mood because the bad thought was playing in my brain. 

I mean, c'mon. so I had to forget and change and put in place where It should be, life it’s like a cycle, goes up and down, I should not take seriously. just be cool and relax, everything was gonna be fine in a long ran and let the day went by quite nicely. I must stay strong and tough, this is not the first time that I have been like these since I’ve been alone for so many years. Being down it’s not an option to choose from. While I’ve got my plans and goals for my future, I will stand straight, I will look forward and I will stay focus on one goal, I know it’s not easier but this is the way it should be.

However, I believe and I’ve got a strong feeling that I will witness my accomplishment in the near future. Well, I could say I can live happily ever after on that very day. but that’s not the end of it yet, I don’t want to live alone, I didn’t work hard just for me only. I work hard because of her. I will took her with me because she’s my life, she’s the biggest part of my life. she’s my accomplishment. She makes me feel complete. 

I just vent. Now I’m okay… 

That’s it for today.

My mood 7.0/10


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