Saturday, August 1, 2009

I will always love you xxxx

Saturday, August 1, 2009
From: Maria 
Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2009 8:31 AM
Subject: I will always love you xxxx

Dearest xxxx,

You did not hurt my feeling at all last night.Im so sorry if i confused you last night. I was just tired and didnt think much what youve said. I know i was just a bit lost with our conversation at the end so i just stop ,i just dont want us to end up hurting each other last night.

You know i love you and im always love you no matter what happen . No matter what i feel sad, happy , confused, or scare you are always in y heart and in y mind, and i will always loving you everyday for the rest of mylife. My love for you keeps going strong, deeper, and last a lifetime.

I did already gave you my heart, mind, body, soul, spirit all in all wholeheartedly and it stay like that and will remains like that now and forever. Nobody can take away my love for you. Its you and for you alone that my heart desires and ever longing to be with your loving arms. I feel i can fight everything to stay with you and to love you everyday of mylife. All i feel and think is you , your love to me, and my love for you that i want to give and shoow you all the time as much as i can . You are the only one i will love now and everyday of mylife until forever.

I can still feel the happiness youre giving me everyday and it will last with me a lifetime coz forever im yours and youre forever in y heart.

I will stay focus with you , to \god , and our plan for our future. Im very very to be be your wife. And im very very happy you are my husband.

Thank you so much for everything baby for the love and affection you are always giving me. We are getting closer to our BIG DAY which is our wedding. So please stay calm and relax because i will be there in the church for you to take me forever, im yours.

I love you so much now and foreverxxxxx

I miss you so muchxxx



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