Friday, August 7, 2009

a beautiful prayer!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 3

Dear My lord,

Another gift... a beautiful Thursday! I have been facing so much challenges these days, I know you know that my Lord. I am thanking you for all the blessings for without those gifts I won't be able to face these challenges. True it is, Life is full of wonders and every department of our lives is never easy. 


Achieving ultimate happiness is a process, a process that we should be willing to face no matter how difficult that journey may bring. I am not completely okay right now because the pain still in me. And that I have to admit but I am little by little embracing and journeying towards bliss. I am enjoying every challenge I am facing, I love her so much. I will do anything. I am beginning to appreciate myself even more. I am a great lover and that I am truly proud of for not everybody is capable of loving the way I know how. I have felt so crushed, my heart has been ripped off and if I could find a superlative word for painful, that must be what I'm feeling for some times.

My Lord, my faith in you has become enormously strong! You never failed me, you have been listening to all my petitions and constantly walking beside me and always there behind when I feel like passing out. I am truly and completely believing in you. I know you gave her to me on purpose and you also let her find me on purpose,.. still I am thankful for that gift of knowing her. You know we love each other however we might not have foreseen or completely understood each other's concept of love that perhaps we differ. Yes, you know Lord that when I love it's real... it's sincere... it is whole and it is unconditional. 

however I know you understand for I am not perfect, human as I am. But you know my Lord, I decided to gave it up for I know I made that out of love I have promised you that, It is true love my Lord, yes it is. willing to give my all self. I am sorry for I just love her so much. I am and will continuing to pray for our betterment, we needs you more than any others. May you give the peace of mind and help our relationship to be a better one... make us strong that you have planned to become. 

I believe it is only You Who could give us enough strength to face the everyday battle. Grant us the happiness or bliss our heart have been desiring; for that would make me very delightful. Bless us both and all our loved-ones in this course or what we call journey of Life... A Life that is made for Loving and caring.

I love her always.

Thanks my Lord.

My mood: 7.2/10


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