Sunday, August 23, 2009

learning from observing

Sunday, August 23, 2009
day 20

Today is a better day for me than yesterday. I am no longer nauseous with myself and am finding center. I am (I hope) finally learning I require a certain amount of space and it does not mean I will detach and float away from everything and everyone I love. 

I am learning from observing, reading and from listening. I am finding the courage I have repressed for too long to ask important questions. This morning I forced myself not to continue what I am usually doing in a less defensive manner and less confrontational as I am finding being direct may not always be the best way to get answers. 

For once, It is okay to step back for a time and allow information to process in whatever way it needs to until the solution reveals itself. Not everything is urgent. Sometimes waiting is the only thing one can do. Wait out the storm as it will pass. 

my mood: 7.0/10


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