Monday, August 24, 2009

Night Walk

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 21-Part 3

Just thought to share my night walk in downtown and for the mainstream, everyday, like a normal people, I thought to share my daily walk with you.

I love walking in downtown, with the colors of the night, the lights that glows everywhere and I love how I feel when I take a walk at night, visiting stores for the new DVD Movie’s to watch and the new gadget has been released, am a gadget lover. However, I feel free from worry and relaxed, and able to free my mind of cluttered thoughts. A place I can be and not be judge, a place I can go to release untold energy and worry of everyday life.

The daily rind and grind that life, through people and demand, that are put on you. Walking is something I can do that I am free to be me and not worry what people think. You don't have to be a certain age, or color, or gender, or pretend, or anything, you don't have to be or say anything but what is you. You can speak your mind, or exert your feelings by walking, if your sad, walk. If your mad, walk, If your frustrated, walk.

By the time you’re done walking, you’re not feeling anything but freedom, peace, and an uncluttered mind, and in the process you do something good, you got out there and explored the world, excising and moving your body in healthy ways that help you lose the pounds, and if you’re like me, you know that losing the pounds, is a hard thing. So, I thought to share this passion of mine, a passion for God and a passion of walking.

My mood: 7.1/10


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