Friday, August 7, 2009

My eyes getting heavier

Friday, August 7, 2009
Day 4 – My eyes getting heavier

Another day in the deep dark pit. I slept a lot last night and I'm still extremely tired. It’s hard to keep my eyes open.

I have basketball practice three sets in a row it’s quite tiring believe me. So practice went well. Our team has a good chance of getting first this year.

After practice I went home, So yesterday has been a pretty rough day. I've been so tired and down all day. Being tired magnifies the "down". I think I'm so tired because I triple up my game. I'm not sure why I did it. I just was hoping to gain more extra energy and speed up my footwork, I never thought that I can play three games continues.

Moreover, there some bystander watching my play. one of them commented on my game… I don’t know why he told me that I’ve been lost speed and quickness on my game, maybe he watched the game last year and he compared my current game on Thursday. Anyway, I admit that I’ve lost endurance, energy, speed and quickness, but I didn’t lost my pride to win the championship again, I believe, we can have it again this year.

So it’s almost 9:30PM and I'm still up. Anyway, I hope it will rain outside, so I can sleep well, but definitely not ideal to rain in Saudi Arabia. I doubt it will not rain here. I just want to be able to enjoy my last few minutes alive talking with my baby Marivic before I went to sleep, I want to be relaxed and dream of her before i lie down.

I love her so much, I can’t sleep if I can’t see her before I go to sleep. i waited....But my eyes getting heavier. i embraced my couch and i said " i will love you for the rest of my life".

My mood: 7.2/10


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