Thursday, September 3, 2009

Basketball Match Up...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 31

lastnight, the game has just begun, I played shooting guard always, I grabbed the ball, I passed to my teammates and he dribbled to the other side, the rival tried to get the ball to him but he failed, he return back to me, I’ve got the open shot perimeter and I aimed And shot the ball Into the basket.

The game continued, The score was tied, I paused a second,

“10 seconds” the timer sounds moving fast.

“how is my play?, I really had a terrible game tonight..” I moan.

“I’ve really had a bad shooting perimeter, but I will do my best to win the game…” , I sigh..

Then suddenly I am sensing a loud noises back into my ears, the crowd cheering, shouting and the captain ball outcry to concentrate on the tight defense, man to man. the game was physically hard. They had the ball on the lead and he’s coming up on his way to score and his dribbling the ball in front of my face… “I hate that when someone entering into my house”, I played defense real tight, i called for a double man to man defense, my team mates helped me on the defense, we put pressure on his dribbling, my team mates hassle him and stealing the ball,

but he missed it, then he turned right facing at me, I used my speed and quickness to steal the ball, I shoved my hand straight to the ball while he was dribbling and hassling by my team mates, I’d done it really fast and smoothly so there would be no foul to call for me, the ball was slipped away on his hand, my friend took it and I ran faster at the basket freely, and I wave my hand for the fast break. He throw the ball like a baseball pitched. I catch it hard and took all the way lay up into the hoop. It was easy two points. It got really closed. We lead the game.

“4 seconds” beep..

“Only one shot we will win the game. The time was running out. Only seconds left”…thought.

“3 seconds” beep..

But they got gained energy, they moved faster and more quicker, they used the triangle offense, and again we used the same technique to stopped their scoring. But somebody came out of nowhere and we didn’t noticed him that his standing at the sideline three point lane.

“2 seconds” beep..

he jumped and He released the ball on his hand perfectly. the captain ball, running after him and he jumped higher to block the shot, I am watching the scene, I am expecting him that he can block the ball because he’s tall and he has a long arm to stretched up. I glance to the other players I saw them physically box out their own man so tight for the strong rebound if the shot will miss.

“1 seconds” beep..

“Aaahhhh”, The captain ball shout out loud when he stretched his arm upward to block the ball on the air, only one inch of his fingers to the ball then he can block the ball away to the three point but he can’t make it more higher vertical jumped because the released was loop curved. The ball continued to fly open like a bird in sky. Then we are waiting for the ball to touch the ring, the moments was breathtaking, everyone has been ready to boost their energy and strength to rebound the ball when it miss. the basketball field has covered with muteness.

“Beeeeep……” The buzzer was on…

The ball shot directly to the basket.

“nothing but net”… the commentator shouted..

"Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt...." the referee whistled..

“THREE POINTS!”, the referee raised his arm to signal it.

the full loud noise has been return when the shot has been made to the hoop. The crowd shouting for the magnificent performance that has been played. And they win for one point… we lost the game on our first matched…

But you know the player of the game, was not actually a good basketball player, he just only knows how to throw the ball. I heard that they just mistakenly passed it to him… he got lucky.

My mood: 7.0/10


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