Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pretty tired

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Day 34

Last night, I got back home pretty tired, and I am going through the motions of getting ready to bed early and not having pretty much attention for what I was doing, I wasn’t till I didn’t had my dinner, I was so hungry and my stomach was empty due to fasting.

“I can’t sleep well without having my dinner tonight.”, I thought.

then I walked down, crossing the street turn left, turn right till I’ve got to the restaurant where I had taken my dinner every night, next got a little chatted with the owner of the eatery while I was slowly felt the fullness of my belly, then I walked back home, sat and rest for a while, and that I realized I was smell like smoky dried fish. Then I stood in the shower, too tired to move, until the hot water began to run out. I am wrapping myself securely in a towel, trying to hold the heat from the water. I felt freshen.

Finally I dressed for bed swiftly then climbed under my comforter and hugging my cushion to keep myself warmed.

My mood: 7.3/10


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