Thursday, September 10, 2009

During the game

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 38

Last night, I was tired for basketball and volleyball practice, I really don’t know how many sets I had played but I was felt fainted when I got home. However, during basketball I felt the energy, stamina and endurance for being dominant in the game, they don’t know how to defend me, but anyhow there’s no big deal about it, even if they dont want to guard me tight, though it’s only a practice game, perhaps I’ve got lucky only, I am the man on the hood.

Then, when I was shifted to volleyball, I’ve got a terrible Muscular pain in my right arm shoulder during playing time. I’d tried to ignore it but still I can felt the mascular pain when I try to raised my right arm shoulder. And For the record, I already went to the hospital last two months for X-ray but the doctor said there was no sign of fractured bones or injuries, he suggest that I might proceed in the MRI section for scanning my bones and my muscles tissue for a closer looked, but I ain’t got there yet. I was supposed to play basketball first, I would come with it after the tournament.

Next, during volleyball, I’d noticed that my right foot was aching for the vertical jump moves. then I just tried to recall the previous moves that I had made but as far as my concern I didn’t do the risky moves that it would harm myself, I think it is about to happen. I’ve gotta sprained in my right ankle....., thought. Then I remembered  a couple of years ago when I was playing basketball in my town, I was hardly twisted my right ankle that it causes me not to play for the whole knock out game.

So maybe this sprain in my right ankle was my buddy, it was my old friend from the past and by the way, as far as I could remember it would take months for the healing time. I’m scared that I won’t be able to play during the opening game on Friday, September 18 2009, next week.

finally, after the practice we went home and yet stressed and my stomach was empty. i was hungry and i was starting to hallucinate for the yummy food were my lips was about to taste.

My mood: 7.2/10


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